On Blueberry Hill

June 23, 2021

 Adventures on blueberry hill, filling buckets full of lush, ready-to-eat berries - a summer must.

It's not summertime if you aren't picking fresh fruit! Picking blueberries is one of my favorites - the berries are not only beautiful, but they're bursting with sweetness and the best kind of flavor. There's always a little shade to be found in one of the blueberry rows, and it makes for a lovely outdoor experience to relish the warmth and shine of summer. 

What makes blueberry picking all the more special for me is the nostalgia it brings from 2018. We hit the blueberry patch days before Quinn was due. I'll forever associate her birth and the start of blueberry season. For that reason, it's only fitting to find our way back to the blueberry field during the week of her birthday. This year, it was no exception. With an unusual chill in the air and a peek-a-book sun, we made the impromptu decision to pick berries when I discovered the field was opening for evening picking. It was so nice and we left with a bounty of fresh blueberries to enjoy straight from the colander. Plus some for me to include in a dessert or two! 

I hope you enjoy these moments from our spur-of-the-moment adventure. And maybe you'll be inspired to find a fruit farm for 'you-pick' adventures of your own! 

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