A Babe In The Blueberry Fields

July 7, 2016

We have officially made it our plan to go blueberry picking multiple times this summer after our adventures in the blueberry fields this past weekend. We decided it is so much more fun to pick our berries than it is to grab them from the grocery store. Not only are they 100x fresher, but it's cheaper to pick them and the taste doesn't even compare. A no brainer for us, especially since it's just a short 15 minute drive. In fact, we enjoyed our time and blueberries so much, that we ate straight through them and headed back on the 4th of July to pick more, this time in the rain.  We really do have so much fun finding the best berries to pluck!

Greer loves being outside (you should see her face light up when the breeze blows!) and she thoroughly enjoyed being in the rows of berries until she got too warm on me nestled in her solly wrap. So she and I took a break from the sun and found ourselves a shady spot to sit and play while husband kept picking. It was so nice to watch her take in the outdoors and happily gum on my teething bracelet

This nugget was super excited to see her daddy again after he finished picking berries. She got some lovin's from him and then wanted to explore what daddy had found. She's all about textile things these days as well as getting her hands on everything

Greer's big cheesin' grin in this photo just cracks me up! She's such a little ham, and y'all she knows it. If you haven't figured it out by this blog and my Instagram, I take a ton of photos of my girl. And she has become well acquainted with cameras of all kinds. She knows just what to do when mama pulls out the camera and starts clicking. But seriously, how can she get any cuter?!

After we paid for our berries, the owners offered Greer a book of her choosing from a selection of used books they had in a box for the little ones. How neat is that idea?! So this is the one Greer picked, and as you can see she was a little obsessed with it :)

Have you ever picked your own blueberries??

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