Berry Pickin'

July 15, 2015

Last weekend husband and I headed to a local berry farm for our some adventures in berry picking. Three Birds Berry Farm was the ideal spot for making a summer memory. We hit peak blueberry time and just as the blackberries were starting to ripen up. With some luck though, we managed to find a handful of ripened blackberries and figured we would need to go back when there were more for the pickin'. 

I snapped some photos and even some film footage of our day. Keep scrolling for pictures and a little film of our hour in the berry patches!

The berry fields were beautiful and absolutely full of fresh and stunning fruit. This was our first time blueberry picking, and we didn't expect the multitude of blueberries. They grow in such large clumps and all over the bushes. Same with the blackberries. There were just so many, an abundance of red ripening to a dark shade of blue. 

I'm telling you, even though they're just berries, they're stunning. God makes some really beautiful things for us to enjoy!

We started off in the blackberry rows and after scouring for some ripened berries, we headed to the blueberries. We kept our picking to a minimal there because we didn't want to waste any fruit goodness. But next time, I think I'll be making some kind of sweet treat with them, so bring on all the berries!

I may or may not have snapped this picture because it reminded me of fall. I take no offense if you think I'm crazy. Just know that fall is my jam, as are all its colorful leaves. 

Do you spy the baby bump?? Baby Hill definitely seemed to be a fan of berry picking. Not so much when the sun wasn't hiding behind the clouds (hello hotness). I kept thinking about next year at this time and what it will be like to be picking berries with a six month old babe. It made me all giddy. 

The coloring of blueberries might just be one of my favorite things. I love their shade of mauve that eventually turns into a bright blue. Hmm, maybe I need to go back and pick some of each to use as décor for our gender reveal. Just kidding....

Our loot was summer fresh and tasty. Berry picking is definitely a new Hill summer tradition for sure. And oh how fun it will be to share this experience with our little one next year and all of our littles in the years to come!