Oh Baby! || 16 Weeks

July 14, 2015

We're just four weeks away from the halfway mark, and that's just insane to me! So exciting too! I love that we're experiencing all of these incredible pregnancy milestones and we haven't even come to the best part yet, meeting baby! 

How far along? in my 16th week

Baby's Size: An avocado (which seems smaller than a navel orange to me, but that's what the app says!) || about 4.6-5 inches and about 3.5 ounces 

Gender: We will know in just a couple of weeks! I can't even! 

Weight Gain: We finally purchased a scale! And low and behold still no weight gain. I'm shocked. At my next appointment I'm going to compare what my scale says to theirs and try to figure out where exactly I'm at. 

Baby's Movement: Again, there have been times where I think I feel baby move, but it's not constant and I'm not sure if it's something else. Hopefully, there will be some detectable activity soon! 

Maternity Clothes: Can we say stretchy pants and flowing shirts? I'm trying to use what I have in my closet + my maternity pants. So far it's working. But, soon it's not going to cut it and I'll be on the hunt for more maternity friendly pieces. Come on fall wardrobe, debut yourself!

Sleep: Sunday night was a joke. It stormed like crazy, thunder shook the house for way too long, and I just couldn't get comfortable. I'm still being interrupted at least once a night for a trip to the bathroom. Let's just say I've perfected the bathroom trip in the dark! And naps, they still happen when they can.  

Symptoms: My belly button and the area around it hurt so darn much on Saturday. It hurt to touch or to bend my torso. Fortunately, that lasted just for the day and disappeared. I've also been experiencing some crazy stitches in my left side and occasionally on my right side. They are super uncomfortable. and last anywhere from 10 minutes to beyond. Heartburn likes to keep my company. Oh, and the headaches, can't forget those gems. 

Cravings: I'm still guzzling liquids like it's no one business. Super cold ice water is where it's at. Banana peppers have been high on the list of cravings, as have pretzels. Salt and more salt please. Does this mean we're having a boy??

Miss Anything? This week I can't say that I am. 

Best Moment This Week: Having my belly unmistakably out there! It grows throughout the day. So while it might start out smaller in the morning, by the time I've eaten dinner, it is out of control. I love seeing this belly all the time! Also, we have taken the bed out of our guest room and stored it, which means a crib is next in the process of converting the guest room to a nursery!! 

Worst Moment This Week: I'm still quite hormonal and that's been crazy in itself, but I don't know that anything takes the 'worst moment' this week.  

Looking Forward To: Our appointment next week. It's just a general appointment to check in on everything, and I can't wait to hear the swiftness of this babe's heart!  

How's Husband? I have no idea what I'd do without him. Seriously. Now that the belly is out all day, every day he really loves touching it and seeing our baby's growth in such a tangible way. Baby H can officially hear from inside the womb now, and that means he/she can hear our voices. Cue all the talking to baby! Husband has been the sweetest in nurturing me and my needs, and I can see a beautiful picture of how he'll be with our little one.