A Start To Summer In The Strawberry Fields

June 2, 2021

Our annual trip to the strawberry fields over the Memorial Day weekend!

Over the weekend we unofficially welcomed the start of summer in the strawberry fields. This tradition has been holding strong for seven years now, and it gets sweeter each time. I love watching our family grow year after year, enjoying the same tradition and documenting it here. My baby girls have grown into big girls and baby brother is well on his way to participating!  

This year we noticed just how sweet the air smelled as we made our way into the patch and picked. I don't think I've ever taken in the aroma of the strawberries like that. The breeze kept it wafting by,  promising us saccharine berries for eating later. And for making biscuit-style strawberry shortcakes with homemade whipped cream.

If we would let them, the girls would pick every strawberry in fields. Quinn is quite the picker, her little hands red by the time she's done from the occasional berry she grasps with gusto. Greer would gladly eat the strawberries as she picks, but we persuade her to save them for later. Who can blame her though, the berries are so sweet and perfect after being plucked. 

We ended our time in the fields with a frozen lemonade, a needed refresher from the heat of the sun blaring overheard. Our bushel of berries was heartily enjoyed over the weekend, and we have our eyes set on another trip to the orchard for peach picking!