Easter Sunday 2021

April 7, 2021

A slow and simple Easter Sunday in the Hill house. 

How is it that Easter Sunday has come and gone for the year?! I remember last Easter so vividly. Well, I should say I remember the Sunday before Easter - when we celebrated last year - and on Easter 2020, we were bringing our baby boy home from the NICU. This year, what a difference 365 days have made!

We started our morning off with three beautiful children in our bed, their faces still sleepy and rosy, but their excitement vibrant and bold. Do you know how hard it is to coax your children into getting a photo when they can't wait one second longer to see what the Easter bunny brought them?? Totally worth it, though. Look at those three snuggled up in our bed. I love the anticipation of a holiday morning, where the joy is so tangible and the energy is tingling all around you. It's magic I wish I could bottle up, the same way I wish I could bottle up my babies' little-ness. 

We celebrated the day, the empty tomb and the resurrection, over good food and time outside. There were lots of bubbles and laughter. And we chased the sun to bed out in the backyard. The day was simple and happy. I wonder what change we'll see for Easter next year!