A Foyer Makeover With A Moody Feel

April 15, 2021

 A dark and moody foyer with a pop of pink and patterned wallpaper!

Who loves a good room reveal? Me too, which is why I'm so excited to be sharing our foyer with you today! Would you believe this room has been done for a year, but I just haven't gotten a chance to share it with you?! When we were knocking down the main wall in our living area, we knew we would be closing up the entrance from the foyer into the kitchen. With this new change, I wanted to take the opportunity to evolve the aesthetic of the foyer. 

I knew I wanted to retire the shiplap we had put up when we first moved in, and replace it with board and batten. And with that, I envisioned warming the space up by creating a bold and moody entrance into our home. My goal was a color that would complement not only the wallpaper but my style. So I opted for a black board and batten wall to really make a statement. Initially, I was worried about such a dark color - I typically opt for a bright white on the walls - but I'm so glad I challenged myself. I love the way it turned out! And it makes everything else around it really pop. 

My advice: if you're contemplating a new style, but feel hesitant to go in the opposite direction of your "typical" picks....just do it! After all, it's only paint - at least in this case ;) 

All sources are at the bottom of the post! 


S O U R C E S :

Paint Color: Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black (matte)