Taking Down A Wall || Progress Report: The Studs Are Gone

August 21, 2019

This is the current state of our home. It looks like a hot mess, but there is progress, slow albeit, and it feels so good. This is the BIGGEST DIY project we have ever taken on. And with two little girls running around + husband's full-time job, we squeeze in this work when we can. The two of us, are enjoying transforming this home into a completely functional space for our family + allowing all the natural light to reach every room.

We've still got a ways to go to complete this, but the biggest hurdle is complete thanks to my stellar handyman. Pete spent almost an entire day putting the support beams in the attic and basement. And ya'll being in an attic in the dog days of summer is no joke. Don't worry, he took all the precautions to be smart in such a hot space. But, it's another reason why it took as long as it did....more breaks were needed for him to come down from the attic and the blazing heat. But, he did it, and that allowed us to knock down the studs. And even the small visual difference has a huge impact! And I can't believe I can actually walk straight from the kitchen into the family room! It gives me all the butterflies to watch this design dream come true!

So where from here??
  1. Removing the remaining plaster
  2. Moving electrical outlets and switches (this is half accomplished) 
  3. Removing the radiator
  4. Adding the structural pieces in the attic to support the house frame
  5. Cutting out studs
  6. Building columns - we need to add some 2x4s to achieve this
  7. Adding back drywall where needed
  8. Closing the doorway from the foyer into the kitchen.
  9. Making aesthetic touches
  10. Painting

If you've missed this project's progress, watch it from the very beginning HERE!

And to check the difference, take a look at the last progress report!