Friday Collective: The No Vacation + Start of Preschool + Welcome 'Ber Months

September 6, 2019

Happy Friday evening, friends! This week, what a doozy! It's been the very opposite of what we imagined it would be. If you follow along on Instagram, you know that last Saturday morning we headed to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Aware of Hurricane Dorian set to hit Florida, we knew we would see some residual rain in the middle of the week. What we didn't expect was the mandatory evacuation issued for the state of South Carolina that came Sunday. The hurricane had changed its course, leaving the coastal Carolinas in danger. Even though the hurricane wasn't set to hit until Wednesday, and the temptation was there to stick it out, we knew we had to pick the safest and most concrete decision for our family, which was to leave early Monday morning. After a very short 39 hours on the island, and just a couple of hours actually spent on the beach (thanks to morning rain and nap time), we packed back up and made the long trek home, thankfully beating any evacuation congestion on the interstate. 

Needless to say, it's been kind of a bummer of a week. We're thankful we had home to retreat to and could leave safely, but missing out on a week together at the beach (especially after getting a taste of it) just sucks. We've tried to make the best of it, and here are some of our highlights from this crazy week...

Quinny LOVED the beach. Do you the scene from Moana where baby Moana chases the receding waves back out into the ocean? Well that was Quinn, 100%. I couldn't stop thinking of that scene while watching her. She was fascinated.

The arrival of the 'ber months! This is my favorite time of year, hands down. But, you already know that. September is the unofficial start of fall and it' the gateway to all the holidays and seasonal festivities! Next week I'll be sharing my fall home tour along with some other bloggers, and I can't wait!

Greer started preschool this week, and it was the most precious thing ever! Originally, she was going to miss this week with being on vacation, but since that changed she was able to make it. You've never seen a kid more excited. She absolutely loved it and wants to know when she goes back; that makes this mama heart happy.

Those are the two big moments of our week, but not to be forgotten (and un-photographed) are the $5 outdoor sectional we've lounged on, the blow-up pool we've sipped piña coladas in, the little bit of progress we've made on the wall coming down and being finished, late night card games, and some strolls in the cooler evening air.

While our week wasn't spent in the place we wanted to be, we still got to be together. We lounged, we napped, and we promised ourselves to never go on a beach vacation again during hurricane season :)