The Year Easter Came Early

April 7, 2020

If these last two months haven't been some of the weirdest, then I don't know what weird is. We've been trying to wrap our heads around 1. this virus 2. welcoming our third little three weeks early + in the midst of this virus. It's all been odd and a tad disorienting, especially for my personality type combined with all of these pregnancy hormones. Slowly, very slowly, I've been doing my best to let go of what I truly can't control. And while it feels so unnatural to do so, it really does help to alleviate some of the stress and worry I've carried over the current situation. 

So when given the option to deliver our son during the 36th week of my pregnancy or wait until week 37, we opted to give him some more growing time for his health and well-being in exchange for re-working other things, like Easter. Instead of celebrating this upcoming Sunday, we celebrated two days ago. And you know, it was as sweet as ever. The girls knew no different, the Easter bunny still visited, the eggs were still dyed, the good news of the empty tomb was still shared, and the ham was still eaten. 

The girls had the best day hunting eggs; Pete loved time with his trio of ladies; and this mama enjoyed putting her legs up and enjoying sweet treats and too much iced coffee. This Sunday will be a celebration too as we bring home baby brother. It goes without saying, we're all really excited for that joy awaiting us! Until then, here are some photos of our Easter Sunday...

p.s. be sure to check out our Easter lunch charcuterie board!