Shared Sister Room Reveal

April 16, 2020

Remember my inspiration board for the room shared sister bedroom?! Now it's practically complete, and I'm just jumping up and down to be able to share it all with you! I don't think I'll ever stop swooning over the charm and character this room abounds with. I kind of wish it was my room ;)

There's nothing I don't love about how it all turned out. One of my very favorite parts of design is watching your vision spring to life. And that's exactly what happened here as each piece of paper went up, the bedding was picked out, and the details came together. There are some minor things I still have to finish up, like new photos of the girls for the frames above their beds and maybe a lumbar pillow for an added pop of color, but mostly the room is finished. And I'm so glad we pulled it all together before bringing baby home! Needless to say, my little ladies are SO tickled to be able to share a room, and their zeal for it makes all of the work well worth it. 

A little tip I like to use when designing a space: pick one element that is your stand-alone-piece. It's going to be the feature. Then work from there. 

In this instance, the wallpaper was my feature. And can you even with that beautifully bold, but simple and serene pattern?? As soon as I saw it, I immediately knew it was the exact effect I wanted for transforming the room into a shared sister bedroom. It emanates this feminine quality with an old-world feel that I just couldn't say no to. 

If you're curious, this is the particular print from WallpaperDirect. I loved working with them to select a wallpaper that suited my design preferences. Their website has great tools for narrowing down your search via color, design type, style, trends, and brands. Not to mention, before you settle on a pattern, you can order samples - the first two are free and each additional sample is just $1. With great customer service and an exceptional return policy, you really can't go wrong with their extensive selection of wallpapers.

Check out the room BEFORE this shared sister room took on its big transformation! 

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And a special thanks to WallpaperDirect for gifting the wallpaper for the room!