Jack-O-Lanterns for Halloween

October 27, 2022

 A time-honored pumpkin carving tradition! 

It's traditions like these that I look back on and can see just how much each of my children has grown. I mean, just look at them last year! While their sweet little faces have matured, and their bodies have grown by inches, their love for scooping out pumpkin guts and picking jack-o-lantern faces hasn't changed a bit. If anything, their excitement over it has just grown as they better grasp the concept (especially Wells) and have more independence to work at the process. 

Last year, we discovered how much we loved carving pumpkins fireside. So we opted for the same backdrop this year, and it did not disappoint. I love making things cozy, and what fire doesn't do just that?! So while we worked on pumpkins, the fire crackled behind us really giving us some exceptional fall feels.

Each kiddo had their own pumpkin this time - no sharing necessary, and if you have children you know what a big deal that is! And that means each one of them got to pick their very own jack-o-lantern expression. And the trick to lighting them up each night as they sit perched on our porch steps... christmas lights tucked into plastic bags! It works like a charm, and even better...they're plugged into a smart outlet, which means they come on and go off via a timer we set on Alexa. Holiday lights made easy!