Fireside Pumpkin Carving

November 2, 2021

 An October morning spent carving jack-o-lanterns in preparation for Halloween!

Last Friday morning brought the start of fall break for our kindergartner, and the perfect time to gather ourselves in the family room to carve pumpkins. We kicked off the day with coffee cake; fall colors above and below as the leaves floated to the ground like snow; and a fire roaring in the fireplace. The anticipation of Halloween and trick-or-treating was tangible in the air and the 'oohs' and 'ahhs' of emptying the pumpkins filled the room.

It was a lovely moment in time - no children squabbled, the youngest was entertained by pumpkin guts the entire time; the kitten meandered through the pumpkins and dozed. Pete and I fully enjoyed the morning and tried to soak in our babies in this season of life. I look forward to pumpkin carving every fall, wondering how the spent digging out seeds and determining pumpkin faces will go with our littles who are another year older. And year after year, it's sweeter and more satisfying than the time before. A little of bit if I say so myself.

Looking back through these photos, I know it's these snippets I wish I could bottle up and preserve forever. It's why we cherish traditions in our home and the way they bring us together with intention and purpose. Documenting our family moments has become a very favorite of mine, and I love putting together our highlights to share with you on the blog. So thank you for reading and following along! I hope you enjoy this snapshot of our life as much as we enjoyed it!