The Hill Circus || Halloween 2022

November 3, 2022

 "Life is a circus ring, with some moments more spectacular than others." - Janusz Korczak

I feel as though I was just sitting around the breakfast table with my trio brainstorming group Halloween costumes, and here we are three days past Halloween. It's wild how fast time is zipping by! This year, it took a little extra thought to come up with a family theme, but when we did it all came together smoothly. Every little was enamored with their outfit choice, Wells probably most excited because of his deep adoration of elephants. 

I always have a fun time piecing together outfits, and we'll do this family Halloween costume extravaganza for as long as our kiddos are up for it! I would write more about our Halloween but I am currently sitting in bed with the flu, and I'm already exhausted from writing the short bit that I did. So here's a little look at our circus, complete with a strong man, ring master, tightrope walker, cotton candy, and elephant.