The Chandlerie

September 16, 2021

Five years as a chandler, and I'm making my dreams become reality! Check out the shop's new name; the inspiration behind it; and our fall collection of candles!

This August was my 5th anniversary making candles. And at this point, I can confidently say that I am a chandler, a professional candle maker. It's wild to think of all the changes I have experienced over these handful of years as I step more into my brand. What started out in my small kitchen over a double broiler, has turned into a full-blown studio in my basement. 

It's absolutely thrilling to be working toward making my dream come to life. That dream is to own and run a brick and mortar candle bar + studio to pair with my online shop. You'll be able to come in and make candles with me or buy candles I have waiting just for you on my shelves. There will be home accents and intentional items for filling baskets meant for gifting. There will be workshops and there will be so much fun. It will be all about having an experience and sharing in community. I can see every detail of this store - from the decor to the daily ins and outs. I cannot wait to welcome you in, and share it all with you!

Currently, I am working toward gearing my brand and online shop to be ready to seamlessly add on a storefront. While I loved the name 'On Oak + Co.' it didn't feel fitting for an in-person shop. After a lot of brainstorming, I felt really pulled toward the word, 'chandler.' Digging in a bit, I discovered that a chandlery was a medieval shop tended by a chandler that offered candles, wax, and other goods for those sailing on boats. What a fitting name for my store, one that will offer candles and other goods. In making it my own, I swamped out the 'y' and exchanged it for an 'ie.' And this is how The Chandlerie came to be! I'm so proud of the name, the new look, and every bit of work I have put into this endeavor. It's all coming into place, and what an amazing feeling it is!

My fall collection of candles just launched - there are 5 returning fragrances and 2 new scents. Of course, Stars Hollow, a year-round candle, is also in the shop! The new glass vessels, a bit bigger than my previous vessels at 13 oz - are absolutely stunning. They are stand-alone pieces, sturdy, and neutral in color.  All of my candles are still made with natural soy wax; quality fragrances; and a wood wick that crackles while burning. Everything about these candles is true to my personal style and my shop's brand. It's exactly like I envisioned, and I can't wait for you all to enjoy them in your homes!

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