September Apple Picking

September 17, 2021

 Our September apple picking tradition kicks off the unofficial start to fall!

The most wonderful time of the year is here! The 'ber months (September through December) are my absolute favorite. You can guess why - fall; all the traditions; holidays; crisp weather; sweaters; pumpkins; etc. Everything is just cozier and lovelier, and I embrace it all with arms wide open. 

Our first autumn adventure is always apple picking. It kicks the season off with one of my very favorite adventures. Personally, I love to pick apples in cool overcast weather, and this year did not disappoint! The skies were cloudy; the temperatures cooler; and the apples covered in water droplets, a brilliant red, and ready to be picked. 

This year, we changed our picking date to accommodate our new kindergartner's schedule. So we chanced going up a week earlier than normal. The orchard we frequent yearly wasn't quite ready for their apples to be picked. We crossed our fingers something else would crop us over our weekend stay with Pete's parents. And sure enough, on a drive Saturday morning we drove by this beautiful new orchard on their opening weekend. Tucked away, it was a beautiful spot and quiet, leaving us as practically the only people in the orchard. It turned out to be the best surprise, and we might just make this our spot for years to come. If you're near Sperryville, Virginia, check out F. T. Valley Farm

In the meantime, check out this lovely spot and some sweet babies who couldn't get enough apples. They delighted with every twist of an apple and the open space to run and deposit their freshly-picked fruit. These days make for the best kinds of memories! 

For all of our apple picking in years past, head here!