Bald Knob Trail Hike

August 26, 2021

 A family-friendly hike on Bald Knob Trail in southwest Virginia.

Several weekends ago, Pete urged us to get outside and find a short hike to enjoy as a family. I'm glad he did, because we had the best mini adventure. Starting the hike already near the top of Salt Pond Mountain really bolstered the fall feels I was already experiencing - the temperature was in the low 60s; the clouds were thick creating a cozy overcast morning; and the trees were speckled with leaves changing into the rich colors of autumn. 

The Bald Knob trail, though a steep climb, was only 0.4 miles up to the top. Perfect for two little girls - one of which needed a boost from dad 3/4 of the way up. What was particularly nice about this hike was the option to take a wooded, steep route or take a gravel road. So we hiked the wooded way up, and took the less taxing way back down. Perfectly ideal! Not to mention the trails were not packed with other hikers. The only thing we would do different - not leave the kids' we-reached-the-top snack in the van next time ;) 

We have plans to head back in the depth of fall when the trees have really turned. Then stop by Mountain Lake Lodge (where Dirty Dancing was filmed) for brunch or lunch after descending. What better way to treat ourselves?! Enjoy a look at our hiking adventure!