Hilton Head Island 2021

August 17, 2021

 Our family vacation to Hilton Head Island - where the Spanish moss blankets every tree; 
the salt air crinkles your hair; and the lull of cicadas is nature's lullaby. 

I blinked, and it's been a month since I've found time to blog. Tis the season of my life with little ones, new schedules, and such. It's been exactly a solid month since our family vacation to Hilton Head Island. HHI is our very favorite for a whole handful of reasons - see the tagline above this photo for just a few. If the beach could be cozy, this is it. And I love bringing our family here year after year. 

It's been two full years since we were last here. In 2019, we got to the island to turn around and leave 36 hours later due to a mandatory evacuation. Lesson learned, don't visit during hurricane season. Last year, there was a pandemic and a newborn. So we have been waiting for this year's visit with so much fervor. And it did not disappoint. We opted to stay in a house this year with a pool, and we'll never go back. While it was a bit of a walk to the beach, we loved the access to a private pool, which was perfection during naps and in the evening. We were right on the lagoon - so a pretty view and wildlife spotting. Call me crazy, but the alligators were always fun to see! 

Our week was all around wonderful! Amazing food - fresh seafood; scrumptious french bakery treats; and tropical drinks. There were gators and sharks and crabs, oh my! We got to enjoy time with my mom and sister. Soaked in the Spanish moss - my very favorite, and enjoy a little life in the low country. 

If you're on Instagram, you may have seen glimpses of our trip via my stories in real time. If not, go see them now!