Christmas In July

July 13, 2021

 A little snippet of last Christmas, this July!

Can you believe we are less than six months away from celebrating the most wonderful time of the year?! It blows my mind how insanely quick 2021 has been zipping by. After last year's Christmas, I never got around to sharing our Christmas Day festivities. And because the photos give me all the happy feels - and yes, excite me for this year's holidays - I thought the "Christmas in July" theme was a perfect excuse to finally put a blog post together. 

I would be amiss if I didn't detail a bit of Christmas 2020. It was pure magic. And it all started on Christmas Eve, when the slightest chance for snow turned into at least 6 inches of snowfall by Christmas morning. The flurries started slow and soft around 9 PM the night before. We were busy elves and happened to be outside when it started. After such a crazy pandemic year, the thought of a white Christmas felt like a dream. The snow never let up, and it made for the most peaceful night as it settled all around and blanketed everything in a fluffy white. 

Waking up to a white Christmas is everything, and it happens so rarely in Virginia, that you just can't help but marvel in it. Santa left an outdoor play house for the kiddos, which meant all the snow gear was thrown on first thing in the morning, just as the sun was starting to rise. The girls were thrilled with Santa's delivery, and it was all the more exciting with snow covering every inch of the yard and ice hanging from the decorations on their house. Can you just imagine their squeals of delight at seeing the snow and then spotting your little house nestled in it?! 

We spent half of the day inside with a fire roaring and lots of cheer in the air. The other half of the day was outside playing and sledding. It was just goodness and joy all the way around!