How We Live In The Midst Of Ongoing DIY Projects

August 20, 2020

Managing home life with small children while DIYing our home one project at a time.

Pete and I are forever working on some type of house project. It may be as small as painting a console table or as big as tearing down a supporting wall in the middle of our home. Regardless of the size of the project, I'm usually bringing you all along for a behind-the-scenes look at what we're working on and how we're making it happen. It's a lot of fun to share our progress via my Instagram stories (also saved in my highlights if you need to catch up) and interact with you as you ask questions, vote in a poll, or share your own project. 

When I share our DIY's, one of the biggest questions I get over on Instagram: "How do you live in the midst of your projects?" 

And rightly so! Some days I wonder the same thing! Especially considering that our bigger projects are almost always drawn out over a good length of time.  

There are three main reasons that make it bearable:
  1. I can see the final result. Truly, this makes a world of a difference. I can see all of the details coming together and that makes a huge impact on my mood in regards to living in the midst of a project. When we first start discussing a DIY, I can already visualize the end result; that's part of the planning for me. So on the days when it feels like I can't stand to look at a 2x4 stud any longer, I remember the way I picture it turning out and hold onto that nugget.
  2. I think about the function we're creating in our home. This really only applies to the projects that we're doing that are house-related (ie: taking the wall down, building built-in doors, etc). Outside of creating a beautiful house to live in and enjoy, our main focus is creating a home that is most functional to our needs. And when I can imagine the difference it's going to make in our day-to-day life, I can deal with the aesthetic of an in-the-works project. 
  3. I 100% believe that I was born to create. I thrive when I'm creating and dreaming and curating our home. It's my passion, and even in the busy seasons, I am happiest when there's a project. I really do feed off of it, and love imagining something in my head and then bringing it to life. 

Tips for Managing A Home Project:
  • Clean up after every chunk of time you've spent working on the project. That means, putting the tools away, vacuuming the area, etc. Allowing yourself to still live in an organized and clean home even with an on-going project is SO important for us. Not only does it keep the chaos at bay, but it's safe for managing a home project with littles running around. 
  • Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is a Hill DIY project. So setting expectations and managing them as you go along, is critical for completing the tasks and ultimately the project. 
  • Make step-by-step lists of what has to be tackled. I mean, you want to break it ALL. THE. WAY. DOWN. This has really helped us know what we can and can't do in a given amount of time. It's also really nice to check something off the list, even if it's a small something. You see the progress and that's motivation to keep checking off more to-dos! 

It has been incredibly rewarding to transform our home together and create a space that is used to its fullest potential. Our confidence in taking on projects that initially seem out of reach has grown tremendously over the years. Pushing our limits and dreaming big has given us so much more creativity and knowledge when it comes to projecting. The two of us can't imagine not having some type of project on the docket, so living in the midst of it is just part of the experience!