The Power Of Updated Photos In Your Home

August 18, 2020

Breathing fresh life into your home with updated photos.

I love photos, really love photos. Whether they're professionally taken or moments you've captured on your camera or phone, there's nothing not to adore about them. Now that we are spending copious amounts of time in our homes, I'm even more of an advocate for creating a space that feels inspiring and welcoming. When you're looking at the same walls and rooms on repeat, one of the best and simplest ways to update those spaces is with photos. 

Personally, instead of changing out an entire gallery wall, I like to change out a handful of photos. That way you get to look at photos from a variety of seasons of life. And since Wells has joined our family, I really wanted to get his precious face on the walls of our home. There's nothing like the present to print the photos you've been wanting to or snap some photos of your everyday and get them printed. favorite place to print photos is Mpix - the quality is pristine and they have a plethora of print sizes to pick from.

There is so much power in switching out photographs with their ability to bring a different feel to a whole room. Not to mention the magic of watching your children discover the changes and spot themselves. It's truly the best, especially when you surprise them with the changes right after nap time, and those puffy, angelic post-nap faces light up. My face even lights up when I walk into a room boasting new photos to be admired. I can look at the same photo over and over again and always find something new to cherish about it. 

So, I challenge you to pull out your camera today and capture some of the good stuff. Then print it and let those moment of joy bring some feel-good vibes nestle on the walls of your home. I promise it will put a smile on your face and breathe a bit of freshness into home. 

p.s. to get you started on printing out photos, head over to my Instagram to enter the chance to win a $150 credit to Mpix! 

A little trick for you: I use washi tape to hold photos in place on the back of mattes. The tape holds up well, but when it's time to change the photo out, it comes off super easy. This way your photo stays in place, but once replaced the photo nor the matte gets torn. And all you need to do is gently press it down on the corners of the photo.