Fall Basket Ideas

August 24, 2020

To kick off the fall season, we like to surprise our kids with fall-themed goodies. From books to baking supplies, our autumn baskets bring the excitement for the cozy and pumpkin-filled days ahead!

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Good morning, friends! In completely shocking news, Pete and I are awake, working with coffee in hand, and ALL three of our children are still asleep. Monday might just be a very good day! But, before I jinx myself, let's talk about fall baskets! 

Seeing as our house is decorated for fall and we've been enjoying some cozy fall moments - yes, I know it won't officially be here for another month ;) - we decided to surprise the babes with their fall goodies Saturday morning. I don't think I've ever shared it here (maybe I have?), but on my Instagram I've talked about how for the last several years I put together fall treats to kick off the season. I love celebrating, and that goes for the change of seasons too. You all know how I feel about autumn, so putting together items that embody the goodness of fall is the best. But, maybe you're not sure where to start or what type of items to use for your own fall basket. So this year, I wanted to share what I picked!


My rule of thumb for my seasonal and holiday kick-off baskets always include themed-pajamas and new seasonal/holiday books. From there, I like to pick items that have a purpose and will also spark joy. 

one. Pajamas are a cozy way to embrace the crisp season that awaits. I love thermal jams, and opted for this pair for the girls and this pair for Wells. 

two. We love to bake in this house, so I thought it would be fun to gear their baskets in that direction this year. I found the sweetest coffee/tea cookie cutters, which will be just perfect for making our favorite iced sugar cookies!  

three. To keep with the baking theme, I grabbed a three-pack of silicone donut molds. We've never tried baking donuts, and now we will. The girls and I are excited to give this a go in the kitchen!

four. I wanted the girls to have a way to enjoy seasonal drinks in a mess-free way. These silicone straws come in beautiful fall-like colors, perfect for our entire family to share. I also grabbed, this inexpensive pack of silicone straws to cut to a desired length for using in their new mugs (see #6)

five. Books are such a fun way to celebrate any season or holiday. We love to display their beautiful covers as a way to decorate the kids' play space. And our girls are avid readers. There can never be too many books. Here are the ones I grabbed for fall (I'll share the ones I picked for Halloween in another post). 

six. The girls love coffee. I kid you not. Pete and I can't pour coffee without a little one asking for a sip. So when I found these collapsable silicone travel coffee mugs for kids, I knew it was the perfect way to round out the basket. They'll be able to sip apple cider and hot cocoa all season long. And since they collapse, they won't take up a ton of cabinet space and can travel with us! No to mention, the price point is amazing! And since Wells isn't big enough yet, I found this adorable teething mug for him.

Other ideas:
Hair clips for the girls
Box of cake mix + icing (or other easy-to-bake good)

Funny enough, I don't actually use baskets, I just arrange it all sweetly on the floor for them to discover be able to go through. So if you don't have a basket, don't sweat it. But if you do, make that basket pretty! I hope you found some inspiration for gathering pieces with a purpose for celebrating the very best season of them all! 

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