Something To Swoon About Vol. 10

August 2, 2019

Three cheers for Friday! Can you even believe it's August? I think the second half of every single year just flies, which is kind of a shame since the latter half of the year is my very favorite. You know, August is the unofficial start of fall in my book. That means my house will be decked in pumpkins come next week, and I'm so giddy about it! 

some favorites for this Friday...

  • I'm currently watching "Something's Gotta Give" as I put this post together, and a fun fact about me: I love Diane Keaton movies. Anyone else? If you haven't seen this movie, it's on Netflix, and you've got to watch it!

  • fall clothing is popping up in stores, and I'm dreaming of that cozy wardrobe. I've found a handful of favorites that I'm so excited for. This sweater and its sleeves in 'burnt ochre' make me terribly happy

  • my fall Pinterest board is giving me all the cozy feels, and I'm dreaming up what fall dessert I want to make first.

p.s. it's only taken me two hours to write this short post because I keep stoping to watch the movie. oy!

p.p.s y'all are the best for sticking with me and my love of fall :) 

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