Breezy Hills Farm

August 5, 2019

Each passing weekend gets faster, and this one was no exception. Maybe the more goodness you pack into it makes the time move that much quicker. If that's the case, then our weekend was wonderful.  And I'd love to rewind the clock and do it all again. Saturday evening, we snuck off to my home-county to grab dinner with my Mama and sister before heading to Breezy Hills Farm to photograph our upcoming fall candle launch

Let me tell you about this farm, my grandparents' farm. It is a sight to behold, and I can't help but think that somehow being there feels like I'm closer to heaven, to my grandparents, specifically my Grandmom. My mom's mom was one of my very favorite people. She was vivacious and a character, and I knew just how much she loved me because it's how much I loved her. Being on the farm feels like being with the memory of her. And I think it's incredibly special that I get to share this place with my girls. I know Grandmom would love watching them frolic on her farm, wanting to eat them up as badly as I do. I can vividly hear her laughter, and I can only imagine the way my girls would coax it out of her with ease. How she would delight in a family evening on the farm. It makes me happy just knowing that. 

Even though I was there to style and shoot our upcoming fall line, I still snuck in all that goodness happening around me. It was so nice and sweet to spend a summer evening with my favorite people, in a favorite place. 

These mountains make my heart sing, and they breathe life into my little family. The wide open spaces and rolling hills are a child's playground. An adult's too ;) And I really loved watching Greer take it all in, even the cows, which made her a bit nervous until she realized she could calm her nerves by 'moo-ing' right back at them. 

I loved our time on the farm, staying until the sun started to nestle into the mountains. I have a feeling we'll be back sooner rather than later.