Peach Picking In July

July 30, 2019

This past Friday, Pete and I decided peach picking would be the perfect way to spend the last Saturday of July. It was a spontaneous decision that did not disappoint. So with iced coffee in hand, we headed out early the next morning for the orchard, a two hour drive away. While this might sound like quite a drive just to pick peaches, we love making a full day of it. It's part of the tradition, and different than our typical Saturday. 

A lot of times we'll visit the orchard till we've picked all the peaches we desire, then find a place for lunch, followed by shopping, and a swing through Trader Joes'. This time we spent our afternoon and evening in husband's hometown where Quinn gave us a 2.5 hour nap (amen!) and we enjoyed catching up with Pete's parents. It was low-key and quiet in the countryside, perfect for a summer Saturday.

This year we were at the orchard in prime time for peaces + donut peaches (in the first photo). Donut peaches are shaped just like donuts (hence the name) and are so sweet. We picked our share of both before heading back to the main shop and cooling off with a peach slush and a frozen peach bellini. I'm still dreaming of both.

This sweet baby had her first peach picking experience, and she loved hanging out in the wagon with her fan and my water bottle. She was as content as could be, and gladly took any peach offered to her. It will be fun to watch her really participate in the picking part next year. 

Till next year peach orchard! We'll be seeing your sister orchard on Carter Mountain come September when the apples are ready for picking. Gives me all the happy fall feels just thinking about it!