Weekend Snapshots Vol.1 || On Film

March 27, 2018

Happy Tuesday, friends! If you've been a blog reader for awhile, you might remember my "Hour By Hour  Weekend" series I did a couple of years ago. I thought it might be fun to apply a loose variation of the concept to video format by putting together clips from our weekend into a little film. It's certainly nothing fancy, barely edited (as in I just put the clips together, shortened them, sped them up, silenced them when needed, and added background music), the lighting is nowhere near professional, and I even forgot to film horizontally for the first chunk of the day on Saturday.

But, this little video is so precious to me. I can be such a perfectionist, and so not having all the right components (horizontal layout, good lighting, etc) made me feel like this video was going to look plain ridiculous. I didn't think I would like it, much less love it. Then I watched it, and realized what a treasure it is to have regular life documented in a way I can look back on for years to come. It makes me terribly happy. So enjoy a peak into our lives from this past weekend. We painted, enjoyed family time, and got lots of snow!