Something To Swoon About Vol.2

March 23, 2018

Happy Friday! We have kept a fairly low-key this week as we have readjusted after husband's work trip to Sweden (last week). There's nothing like a five hour time difference (typically it's six hours difference but we hit daylight savings before they did); two snow storms; and pregnancy (the third trimester starts next week) to set you back and give you reason to reset. And that's just what we've used this week to do. Anyone else have weeks like that?

We are currently loving the longer days, the start of spring, and the hope of warmer days ahead. Albeit we have another snow storm on the forecast for tomorrow. I'm very much over the snow while my little is in heaven every single time she wakes to a winter wonderland in the midst of spring. I'm thinking a fresh bouquet of flowers may help for this weekend. There's just something about fresh flowers that bring some extra joy.

In the meantime, I wanted to share some things I've been swooning over lately...

  • I have been using this to help plump up and firm my face. It's become a part of my (every other night) nightly routine. And while I haven't been using it long enough to be 100% certain of how well it is doing, I do feel like the skin under and around my eyes has become firmer. Amen! p.s. you can check out my skin care and make-up must-haves HERE!
  • Typically, I just wear little stud earrings. I don't know if it's being lazy/forgetful to change them up or rather just feeling like maybe I look silly with big earrings. But, I saw this fun pair and really loved them. I haven't ordered them yet. What do you think of them??
  • One thing I love is a mason jar full of decorative paper straws on the kitchen counter. It's a little festive way to add a decorative touch that is functional. I use a paper straw in my iced coffee every day, so not only is it pretty to look at, but it's practical too. I'm thinking of ordering this pack + this pack in pistachio . What do you think of the color combo?
  • Greer and I made this oldie, but goodie recipe earlier this week. I don't usually eat the stuff I bake (a weird quirk of mine), but I love eating these cookies! You should try them this weekend! 

Now on to finishing up the grocery list, making a toddler lunch, and filming a SwatchPop! video (did you see my latest one?). Happy weekend, y'all!