Easter Weekend 2018

April 3, 2018

Happy first week of April! I am in awe that we are beginning the fourth month of the new year. We rang in April with a long weekend, family, and an Easter celebration. From Easter egg hunts to a bubble blowing machine and sidewalk chalk, we spent most of our time outside. The weather was brisk, but there was no keeping Greer inside for too long. She's our outdoors-loving-girl. While our three days together flew by, I'm so thankful for the sweet time spent together. 

The flowers have been trying to bloom for weeks now, but the constant snowfall has been keeping them from their full potential. This weekend, we started to get the first glimpses of flowers, and I'm hopeful that the trees will be popping full of leaves and lovely buds here soon. 

The Easter bunny hopped right on through our house and left two darlings baskets for our girls. It's the little things that can sometimes be the sweetest. I loved watching Greer really grasp this holiday. From the goodies in the basket to the selfless love of the cross. She was so enamored by it all. And while I think she probably loved the bubble machine most of all, I'd say a tie or super close second was the worship music Sunday morning at church. I really love sharing all of this with her and so look forward to introducing Junebug to it as well. (See all of the Easter basket goodies at the end of the post!)

Let's talk about Easter eggs for just one second. Aren't they so beautiful?! We had so much fun dying eggs with Greer this year. Even though we'll have hard-boiled eggs taking up plenty of fridge space, I'm going to miss these beauts when they're gone.

Ranunculus are some of my favorite flowers, but you can't really find them in small-town Virginia. So I asked my MIL to bring some down on their way with a stop at Trader Joe's. She gladly obliged, and now I've got these pretties to admire all week long. It's the little things. I hope you and yours had a lovely Easter weekend too! 

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