My Two Girls

February 2, 2018

Thank you all SO much for your sweet words on our gender reveal! I still can't believe I'm going to have TWO girls. There will be two little ladies running around, and it makes me feel extremely happy to imagine it. I can't wait for the matching outfits, girl dates, and all the sister things. Most of all, I am thrilled for Greer to have a sister to grow up with. If she's anything like her mama, who was also the big sister to a little sister, she's going to be a little mother hen....and also a tad bit bossy too ;) Any other big sis
Husband said from the beginning that we would be an all-girl family, and we're holding true to it for it now! He's such an amazing girl dad, and I'm really looking forward to seeing him with both of his girls. I think it's going to be the sweetest. And as crazy as Greer is about her daddy, I have a pretty good feeling this little girl is going to feel the same way. 

Our little family of three is going to be a family of four in 20 weeks, give or take a week. I am in awe that I'm already at the halfway mark in this pregnancy, and June will be hear before we know it. Just yesterday I was telling Greer that Junebug would arrive when the grass was green, the flowers were in full bloom, the trees were full of green leaves, and the weather was warm. She's been happily telling me the markers for baby girl's arrival since. 

As we prepare for little gal's due date, we have lots to get transforming the office/guest room into a nursery, stocking up on newborn diapers, and getting essential baby clothing for those warmer months. While we have all of Greer's clothes to hand down to baby, they are different seasons. So we'll need to fill the gaps until the sizing evens out. And you know I don't hate the idea of some new baby girl clothes! Here are some of the pieces I've got my eye on!

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