A Monday Round-Up

January 29, 2018

Happy Monday, friends! We've been through the winter sickness ringer this month, and I have high hopes that we're over it and moving on. Oh, I so hope we are. Two weeks ago, all three of us came down with terrible colds. A week of health turned downhill when husband came home with the stomach flu last Monday. Greer and I quarantined ourselves off from him, and just survived, hence my absence from the blog and social media. Thankfully, by the very end of the week he was on the mend. So we kicked off our weekend by clorox-ing every. single. surface and deep cleaning the place to rid of the germs. Then we celebrated my birthday (I turned 28 on the 25th) with a brunch at home!

This week we are on a high because it's t-minus two days until baby #2's gender reveal! We'll be sharing with our family and friends that night, and come Thursday I'll be sharing with you! I'm so very excited to find out what baby is, and get to work on a baby name!

In the meantime, I wanted to round up some of my most recent favorites for a little fun to start your week! What have been some of your recent faves?
  • My brother-in-law and sister-in-law got Greer this book for her birthday, and we have been loving it. We read it every night as part of our bedtime routine, and I'm so pleased with how much of it (and how quickly) Greer has soaked in. 
  • I've also got some books on my mind. And just this morning I ordered two for myself, something I rarely do. At the recommendation of my friend I grabbed this book on flowers because I have hopes for a grow-and-cut flower garden this summer. Plus, it's going to make a beautiful coffee table book!
  • The other book I grabbed is a devotional, and I'm SO looking forward to digging into it.
  • I mentioned it before, and it's worth mentioning again, this sweatshirt is ahhhmazing. I've lived in it for the past two weeks. Don't mind if I do. Lately, I have paired it with some maternity leggings and my new kicks
  • This past Friday I met this sweatshirt, and it's double the love! Plus it's 50% off right now!! 
  • This sweater in coastal gray also came home with me. I've loved making non-maternity pieces work for early pregnancy so that I can wear them after baby too. This is also 50% off! 
  • I've got spring on my mind, and while we're stuck in the dog days of winter (because that's totally a thing), I've been enjoying a few pops of soft spring accents around the house. Namely, a mason jar full of springy paper straws. I love using them in my morning iced coffee. 
  • Speaking of spring, I found a little fern at Home Depot on clearance and scooped it up. Along with my pom pom garland, a new, fresh-white accent wall, trio of green cacti, and a pitcher of tulips the front of my living room is feeling airy and bright, which I love. 

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