Greer's Snowy Day

January 18, 2018

There is nothing quite so wonderful as watching your toddler soak in the magic of snow. From the moment Greer woke up and peered out the windows yesterday morning, until the sun went down, my girl was clamoring on about how pretty the snow was. She loves watching it fall most of all, just like her mama. Throughout the day she told me all the things she wanted to do in the snow....sled, make snowballs, and have more snow fall down. She got her wish later in the afternoon, and the delight was spread across her rosy little cheeks the entire time. 

The moment her daddy threw a snowball at her instead of mama. Shocked and full of giggles. Then she decided to retaliate....and threw a snowball at me. Though her snowball was mostly a lot of snow dust. But, oh how she loves to pick the snow up, shape it into a ball (losing most of the snow in the process), tossing it at me, then wiping it off of my snow pants. 

While I'm so very ready for spring, warmer days, and blooming flowers, I do love a winter wonderland covered in powdery snow. There's so much beauty in it. So we'll enjoy it while it's here, and get super excited for the warm temperatures that are supposed to be here this weekend!