Little Love Letters || Almost December Edition

November 30, 2017

dear november,
you were good to us. thanks for a lovely thanksgiving and days filled with holiday traditions.

dear wooly pullover,
i think you would be absolute perfection for the winter months.

dear first trimester,
if i'm being honest, i really don't like you. you are so very rough on me. i'm so happy we're about to part ways.

dear christmas tree,
you make me deliriously happy with your fresh fir smell and twinkle lights. you really are lovely.

dear sneakers,
why are you sold out in my size??

dear she & him christmas station on pandora,
you get me. and you'll be playing all season long.

dear junebug,
we are already so in love with you. your big sister says your nickname so adorably.

dear christmas pajamas,
i think you're the best, most festive thing. i hope i can convince my family always that you are needed for the entire month of december.

dear iced coffee,
you're making a comeback in my life. i'm trying not to get too excited, because every day is different (see note to first trimester), but i think our future is bright.

cheers + xo's

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