A Hill-Kind-Of-Christmas-Tree

November 29, 2017

The day after Thanksgiving we headed straight to the Christmas tree farm to find our winning Christmas tree for the season. After wrapping up, we ventured the short trip with hot cocoa in hand and Christmas tunes playing. Hunting for and cutting down our Christmas tree is one of my very traditions. And this year it was so much more fun with Greer being extra aware of everything going on! She was very vocal about which direction to head and what tree tickled her fancy. Her excitement for all of the festivities is sheer magic.

This particular morning was perfectly chilly and bright, which was great considering the unseasonal warmth we've been having on and off. Plus, I love a chance to wear a toboggan and winter coat. And there isn't anything much cuter than a bundled up baby/toddler.

We had the best time wandering the hills of the tree farm until we came across our winning tree. Husband cut it down lickety-split and we made our way back to the shop to find our keepsake ornament for the year, grab a jar of hot pepper jelly, and have our tree shaken and bundled. 

Can you even?! That little face is nothing but joy. Her daddy would run her back and forth on the worn roadway and she would bounce herself up and down while wildly clapping her hands. This was her expression the entire time. This girl is fearless and always loves a wild adventure.

She may look slightly terrified, but don't be fooled. I just couldn't catch her smiling. Her favorite part of the shop....the rocking chairs. She found a cozy spot in one and rocked away. Once we paid for our tree and husband loaded it up, we nestled back in the van for the trip home. Our tree is sweetly tucked into the front corner of our family room, and I'm soaking in the 24/7 twinkle lights and smell of fresh fir filling our home. This really is the most wonderful time of the year!