Weekend Wonderland

December 12, 2017

Merry Tuesday, friends! I took last week off, and it really felt so nice to have a mini hiatus. I find that this time of year can be so busy, and I really want to slow it down the best I can to enjoy it to its fullest. With all the Christmas festivities, my daughter's birthday, and a first-trimester pregnancy this year, I also need to find some time to rest amidst our go-go-go schedule. So that's exactly what I did as far as blogging and social media went. But, I missed you all; I really do love my blogging family!

Since we had the loveliest weekend, I thought I would share a little snippet of it today. Friday morning, Greer and I headed out to my hometown mountains. We met my mama at my Grandmom's house for a little time together and to make some preparations for family Christmas dinner. We're approaching a year without her, and truthfully it hasn't gotten easier. Grandmom's house is certainly not the same without her there, but everything that fills the house feels like her. And it was exactly what I needed. 

We headed home later in the afternoon, grabbed dinner to bring with us on our way in, then bundled up for the local downtown parade. We almost didn't go because of the freezing temperatures, but I'm so glad we went on. Greer had the best time, and she's still recounting her favorite parts...the motorcycles, horses, big trucks, and marching bands. I just can't say it enough, but this time of year is SO much more magical with a little. She is very aware of everything going on, and her heart is in the festive spirit! It's the best! 

We woke Saturday morning to the most magical snow, and my heart could have exploded. Greer walked around the house, peering out of every window saying, "wow!" She was fascinated with it! After breakfast, we bundled up and got outside into the snow. I'm fairly certain Greer would have stayed out there all day long. Husband was a champ, running her up and down the incline in our yard. With each passing trip, she asked to go faster. Clearly, she has a need for speed. We finished up our morning in the snow with a mini snowball fight, then headed inside to warm up. Husband built a fire while Greer and I cuddled up on the couch. She munched on dry cereal and I sipped iced coffee. 

Husband treated us to grilled cheese sandwiches and hot tomato soup for lunch, before our little bit went down for nap. Then we made Christmas candy with my mom and sister. Saturday night came to a close with a drive-through live nativity. Greer loved it as much as we did. If you've never been to one, you must! So much magic in one day makes for holiday perfection.

Sunday we spent the day at my Grandmom's with family, celebrating the season and eating the most delicious food. I love family and big get-togethers; for me this whole day was joy-inducing. Our weekend really was amazing, and it did my heart so much good. Whether you had snow or not, I hope your weekend was just as wonderful!

And I can't forget to mention Peppermint, our very own Elf on the Shelf. Y'all, this elf is a lot of fun for adding a little extra cheer to the month of December. We're not getting elaborate with Peppermint's shenanigans just yet, but I'm storing up ideas for the years to come!

And CONGRATULATIONS TO JENNIFER CORRADO! You won the four pairs of matching Sleepyheads Pajamas! I've emailed you, please be sure to reply within 24 hours!