Patriotic Charm || Hill House Décor

May 27, 2017

Happy Memorial Day weekend! I'm so excited to have the extra time with my sweet little family. And more than that, I'm thankful that I get to celebrate the extended weekend because of all the men and women who have selflessly given their lives for our freedom. Isn't it wonderful to have backyard BBQs with your people and patriotic décor strung about all because of those who gave it all to ensure our freedom? I think so too :)

The Hills are kicking off the celebrations with our yearly trip to the strawberry fields this morning. So as you're reading this post, I'm most likely plucking strawberries from their vines, loading my bucket full. I've been excited to share our tradition with Greer this year. She loves strawberries, and her little personality is going to shine as she toddles through rows of her favorite fruit. Let's just hope she doesn't squish them all with her adorable fingers. I'll be sharing it all here next week!

In the meantime, I wanted to give you a little look into the Hill House adorned with subtle patriotic touches. I am a sucker for all the holidays, and I love making them special by decorating. There's something so classic and charming about red, white, and blue. I'm loving the patriotic flair it's giving our house. So much in fact, that I'm leaving it up through the 4th of July. I kid you not.

I'm smitten with the bunting across my fireplace....those ticking stripes and that gingham give me all the heart eyes, y'all. From patriotic candy to blue and white glass balls and dainty star garland, the apothecary jars are filled with red, white, and blue touches. Add some stars, a homemade sign, and some red cacti, and you've got a perfectly patriotic mantle.

There are a couple of other touches throughout, including books with appropriate spines, burlap garland I made years ago, and a DIY flag project. I enjoy having a festive house, and all it takes are a few subtle touches. Take a look for yourself!

I hope you enjoyed my patriotic touches! And I hope you have a lovely Memorial Day weekend! xo