Little Love Letters || May Edition

May 24, 2017

photo by Rachel Wells Photography 

dear may,
april showers bring may flowers. you do not need to rain for june flowers. 

i can't wait to walk your rows and find the plumpest, most vibrant red strawberries. my girl is going to be even more excited for all these "she-bees". see you this weekend!

dear backyard,
i think you need a friend.

dear car full of groceries,
i got you all inside in just two loads. in the rain. take that.

you are adorable and too expensive for little feet that will only wear you for such a short time.

dear cloudy days,
you've got to go. you've stayed too long. in fact, you've overstayed your welcome.

dear dining room gingham,
you make me smile from ear to ear.

i love your classic look and the charming feel you give my home. i think i will keep you up through the 4th of july.

dear memorial day weekend,
i'm thankful for your meaning; excited for your cookouts; thrilled for the 3-days off; and optimistic for sunny weather.

dear america mix skittles,
you are amazing. don't let anyone tell you otherwise. also, you are supposed to be a part of my patriotic décor (you're in a small apothecary jar), but I can't stop snacking on you. #oops

dear tall coffee frappuccino,
you're my warm-day go-to. even if i opt for a sparkling tea on occasion, you'll always be my favorite.

cheers + xoxo's!

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