Over The Memorial Day Weekend

May 30, 2017

Three day weekends are a favorite in the Hill household, especially when we're celebrating a holiday. I love that we get the extra time as a family to remember what's important and count our blessings. This Memorial Day weekend kicked off with a trip to the strawberry fields, just like we have every year since our first visit in 2014. Sadly, upon arrival to the fields we discovered no one there working (this was after calling to confirm their hours the day before). It was a huge disappointment to say the least. And it turns out that whomever was supposed to be working that day had overslept. But, we tried to make the best of our hour-long trip and stopped off at a park for playtime followed by lunch. 

Saturday rolled into Sunday, which resulted in a way-too-early-wake-up from a certain little someone. With a sniff and runny nose, we opted to stay home from church and treat ourselves to early morning donuts. Fortunately and unfortunately there is a donut shop just down from our house. Super convenient and super delicious. But also SO tempting ALL the time. Our remaining day involved outdoor play interspersed with a few chores. And a lot of mama taking photos. 

Memorial Day started off slow and ended sweetly in our backyard over Pete's ahhh-mazing BBQ ribs, tasty sides, a straight-from-the-oven-cobbler, cousin playtime, and simple fireworks. The patio lights and tiki torches took us from evening into night. And even though we fought off mosquitoes and sleepy eyes (minus one little guy who just couldn't fight the sleep) we had the best time doing us. 

If there is a flower to be picked, this girl is going to find it. There's nothing she loves quite so much as flowers. Truly, a girl after my own heart. Second best are her sandals, which she just adores. She's quickly learning how to take them on and off herself, which is endearing as her little fingers struggle to pull the velcro apart. And her pink piggies just about do me in every time I see them. She had her first "pedicure" last week, and she couldn't be more delighted by the pink on her tiny toes. 

Because when you're taking a picture with a fidgety toddler, sometimes they're a blur :) But I couldn't resist sharing a photo of me and my girl baking together. There will be many more baking days in our future.

A mixture of thrill and hesitation at the sparklers. She loved them ultimately, and like her daddy, I think she'll have quite the love affair with fireworks as she gets older. 

Keeping up with the big boys. She was just learning to roll over, and now my girl is figuring out how to run. There's nothing more motivating than two older cousins to catch up with as they all three traipse around. It's adorable in all the ways.

I can't believe that we have now unofficially kicked off the summer! I feel like we just said goodbye to winter and hello to spring. But doesn't time always fly? I am looking forward to summer days full of water play and extra sun and summer nights with twinkling patio lights and get togethers. What are you most looking forward to?? 

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