Happy First Birthday Greer!

December 21, 2016

All the emotions. My Greer girl is one! Happiest of Birthdays to my spunky and sweet baby! Toddler-hood is around the corner, but for now she's still my baby. Let's be honest, she'll always be my baby even when she's in her fifties :)

How quickly the last year has gone. It has been 365 days of growth, learning, and lots of sugars and love. Today is so full of joy and so bittersweet. Every month this first year has held something special and irreplaceable, leaving me with precious memories that I wish would stay fresh in my mind always. As her mama, I am so excited to share her milestones, cheer her on, and experience each new age with every passing year. I know, too, how much I'm going to long to hold my newborn again, coo at my two-month old, and chase after my crawling 10-month-old. Time is fleeting, and my daughter has taught me how to appreciate it and not take it for granted.

My  hopes for my girl are to lead a life knowing and following the Lord, giving Him the space to work in her highs and in her lows. A life of confidence and humility, full of kindness and love. I want her to feel proud of her character and strong in her convictions. A life where she chases her dreams, but isn't deterred by setbacks. I hope all the things for my firstborn. And I hope she knows while she's doing all these things just how proud her mama and daddy are of her and how very much she is loved.

I hope this next year is full of even more laughter and snuggles, more adventures, more accomplishments, and so much more love. I can't wait to see what this stage has in store for us. I think being one is going to suit my vivacious and sweet Greer girl quite well! Happy Birthday, my littlest love! Let's celebrate with donuts, balloons, and all the empty boxes your heart desires! I love you forever and a day! xo