A Very Merry Weekend

December 20, 2016

'Tis Christmas week! We're slowing everything down here and enjoying the holiday festivities as best we can. Over the weekend, we celebrated and celebrated some more. From Greer's first birthday party (post coming later this week) to a visit with Santa and a Christmas lunch with family, our Saturday and Sunday were full of cheer!
Today, I'm sharing Sunday's sweetness. We packed ourselves up in the cold weather and headed into the Virginia mountains to Mountain Lake for a visit Santa mid-morning. I love a unique tradition, and this little Christmas adventure is definitely going to be a new yearly family tradition during December. And we decided for next year, we'll be adding the brunch aspect to the morning fun.

The stonework at the lodge and big fireplaces make for a cozy setting. All the twinkle lights and Christmas trees just add to the ambiance. Of course,  being in the mountains is magical in itself. 

I had really high hopes for an authentic-looking Santa Clause, and he did not disappoint. He had his own flair and rustic charm, which I just adored. His burgundy suit, fur-lined vest, and jingle bell-clad boots made him all the neater. Santa's demeanor was so jolly and gentle; he reminded me a lot of the Santa Claus from the movie, Miracle on 24th Street. I think one of my favorite parts was how much undivided time he took with each child. It really was just simple and so sweet. 

Greer was okay with Santa until I started to back away from her. Then bring on the alligator tears. So Mama and Greer talked to Santa together, and that made it all better. Santa was so kind, and let Greer play with his timepiece, shared some photos he had in his vest pocket, and sang her a Christmas  song. His parting gift to her was a handmade button (I'm thinking it was made from deer antlers). We'll keep it for her as a little piece of her childhood Christmas memories.

Greer was clearly feeling the Christmas spirit after seeing Santa. I mean, just look at that sweet, cherub face! Also, how is she turning one tomorrow?!

We loaded up the car and then headed to my Grandmom's house for Christmas lunch. This has always been one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. My mom is one of six children, so when I tell you there was a packed house, I quite literally mean it. And I loved it. I have since I was a little girl, and I was thrilled to take Greer to be a part of her for her first time. 

The lighting isn't great (hello, window behind them), but I am crazy about these photos of Greer with Grandmom. It's extra special to me because of the relationship I have with Grandmom, and watching her love on my baby melts me. She turned 93 years young last week, and I'm so thankful to still be celebrating with her. 

And here we are, four generations ranging 92 years in age. Doesn't family just make your heart sing?! I just can't get over that I have a daughter to add to all this goodness.

Can we talk about those baby teeth?! Have you ever seen anything cuter?? #biasedmamaoverhere

I've been loving on my cousins' babies for years now. So I love watching my cousins loving on my baby this year. Even sweeter, is watching our children play together. We may not get to see each other often, but I'm thankful that when we do we all just fit together well. 

So Christmas at Grandmom's included a bunch of delicious food and cousins on cousins on cousins. I ate my share of my Aunt Donna's molasses cookies (I look forward to them every year), watched my daughter entertain her heart out (she loves to have all eyes on her), and relished the coziness of Grandmom's full house. I'm already excited for next year!

And last but, not least, a photo of husband and I. We rarely get photos of just us these days, and since my mama was parading baby girl around the house, we took the opportunity for a little photo op! So, who's excited for Christmas?! The Hills are!