A Merry Little Christmas

December 29, 2016

It's wild to me that Christmas has come and gone. While our house is now back to it's "normal," undecorated-for-the-holidays-or-seasons state and I'm loving the freshness and clean feel, I thought I would jump back into a little Christmas mode for a sneak peak into our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We spent the holiday at my parents', and enjoyed the quiet and peacefulness of the mountains and country life. We spent more time playing games than taking photos, so I'll be keeping this recap short!

Last Christmas, our Greer was itty bitty at just four days old. This year was so fun with all of her awe and excitement. She loved unwrapping gifts and shredding the paper. But, by the end of the day (remember her birthday was just four days earlier) she was over the present unwrapping business. Nonetheless, her zeal for it all (especially the bells!) truly made the day!

Christmas morning started SO early, y'all. As in 6:00 AM. With a little coffee and a whole lot of baby squeals we managed, though :) This girl was all about her rocking lamb and new chair. Just look at this picture for proof! It's easily my favorite from this Christmas.

We spent our entire day opening gifts, napping, and then repeating the first two. We kept it laid back and simple, sporting pajamas and sipping coffee or cocoa all day long. I hope your day was full of the sweetness of the season, the good and everlasting news, love abounding, and family.