Christmas Tree Cutting 2016

November 21, 2016

I thought I loved the holidays before. But, then we added a baby and the holidays became even more magical. Her joy through this season is tangible. Greer squeals with delight and sucks in the biggest gulp of air when she's about to explode with excitement. It makes my heart burst every time. I hope she'll love the holidays as much as I do. And based on those squeals, I think she will.

On Saturday, we snuggled our little babe up and headed to the mountains to cut down our Christmas tree. I've been tagging and cutting a tree since I was a little girl. This is one of my favorite traditions that I look forward to each holiday season, and it was a joy to share it with Greer this year. 

It was a blustery cold, which always calls for a toboggan and Starbucks. Flurries were in the forecast, and the tree farm was calling. Add Christmas music and the coos and babbles of a content baby to make for one perfect morning. 

We don't dote on her or anything. Let's just say this little lady doesn't lack attention being paid to her...from us or from total strangers. 

Did you catch this photo on Instagram on Saturday??

Typically, I help Pete cut down the tree. But, this year my job was wrangling the baby. If I'd let her, she would have been up under that tree helping her Da-Da.

LOOK. AT. THAT. FACE. I can't even. Do you see what I'm talking about with the holidays being all the more spectacular?! She's this amazed by the little and big parts of what makes the holidays. I could squeeze her little joyful self. 

And down she comes. Look at that proud man in the background :) 

Meet Sue, the owner of Joe's Trees. She is a wonderful lady who runs a business that has a special place in my heart. She was so sweet and took the photos of the three of us while we hunted for the perfect tree. For you mamas out there, you know how often it is that you don't make it in front of the camera lense. So I can't thank Sue enough for graciously snapping away, capturing all three of us. 

Once the tree was shaken, bound, and tied to the top of our car, we enjoyed headed home to put our beaut up. I can't wait to share our tree with you! **hint hint, come back on Wednesday.