Modeling For Southern Weddings

November 22, 2016

This past May, husband and I had the honor of modeling for an editorial in the V9 issue of Southern Weddings magazine. We knew we would be traveling to The Greenbrier, but all of the other details would be a surprise until our arrival. To say we were excited would be an understatement. See, we aren't models by a long shot, and besides our own family photos and the photos we share here on the blog, this was all new to us. I think that's what made it so intriguing, and why we both agreed this experience was one we simply could not pass up. 

We made it a family affair, bringing along my grandmother, who also appeared in the editorial as a part of the story line. Just wait till you see her, she's precious. An itty, bitty five-month-old Greer accompanied us. And my mom and sister were there too to help take care of Greer and to keep Grandmom company until she joined us for the tea-time shoot. 

From our noon arrival to our late evening leave, we had a blast. I'm a huge believer in details, and the gals at Southern Weddings do not disappoint. They wove an entire story together with each place setting, flower arrangement, and outfit. Those ladies are talented. All of the details from this mock wedding were so different from those at our actual wedding, which is another reason that made this so fun for us. As we walked around the grounds from location to location, several Greenbrier guests congratulated us. We played along and gave them our thanks. Because truly, I loved being able to 'marry' my favorite guy again. 

I didn't take a ton of behind the scenes photos because we were busy bees being photographed. So here are the lovely shots that Whitney Neal took that day. If you haven't grabbed the V9 issue of the magazine, you should! You can find it on shelves where magazines are sold (I know for certain it's in Target stores!). 

Now fall in love with the vibrant colors and prints of The Greenbrier. If you're not a Dorothy Draper fan already, you will be by the end of this post. You're going to be smitten with it all, I feel certain of it! 

I can't even with this chandelier! It's a stunner. Everything at The Greenbrier, from the curtains to the carpet, was over the top, southern glamor if there ever was such a thing. The wedding details paid homage to those bold interior aesthetics. 

Fun fact #1: We had never met the members of our bridal party before that day. With the exception of one of the girls, they all knew each other. Don't you just love the bridesmaids tops and skirts?!

Fun fact #2: There is a story behind the characters and love story of this photoshoot. Grab the magazine to read it, and then smile because if I lived another life it would be this one. Even my mom commented on how strikingly similar it is to aspects of my life now, and the career dreams I had when I first started college. 

I told you she was precious! This is my grandmom, and I'm so glad she agreed to be a part of this editorial photoshoot. She will be 93 years old in December, and she's a fireball. From her sweet and sassy demeanor to the love she has showered upon me all of my life, she's one of my favorite people. It's a memory that I'll hold dear forever. I love how life gives you keepsake moments when you least expect them. And this is one of those. 

We are so thankful for this experience, and for the friendships that have formed from our Greenbrier Getaway. I can't think the ladies at SW for all the fun we had. For glamming us up to letting us traipse around in bridal wear all day long. This was a once-in-a-lifetime day for us, and we had the best time! 

p.s You can see our actual wedding HERE.