5 Year Dateiversary

September 15, 2016

Half a decade has gone by since my sweet husband asked me to be his girlfriend in the kitchen of the house I lived in during college. I can remember that day so vividly, the butterflies, the excitement. He asked to kiss me that night before leaving, and I remember thinking it would be my very last first kiss as we leaned in toward one another. I'm so thankful my hunch was right :)
The last five years flew. Like, bye, gone, see ya later. Last night husband and I reminisced on all of the things that have happened over the course of us. There's been dating, an engagement, our wedding, graduate school, a baby, and most recently a house. In five years we've done a lot, and to think of everything that awaits us!

Overall, fall is a really special time of year for husband and I. We started dating in September, got engaged in November, married in October, had a baby in December (technically she was born the last day of fall), and bought a house in August. We clearly love this time of year. It's been good to us. 

I know for sure the last five years have been so wonderful because of my guy. Doing life with him has been an incredible blessing. Happy five years to us, my love! I couldn't imagine life without you. Thank you for choosing me, for loving me. 

And for fun, look at those babies...