Oh Baby! || 39 Weeks Out

September 20, 2016

If  there's one thing I've learned since becoming a mama, it's that time is precious and it is fleeting. I thought time was flying before Greer, but now that she's here time has managed to get faster. Today Greer is 39 weeks and one day old. She's been out as long as she was in (minus a day; she was born at 39 weeks and two days). And tomorrow she is officially 9 months old. Really, how did we get here so quickly?!

Life has gotten crazier and it has gotten all the sweeter with her in it. We no longer run on our schedule, and Greer is the one that calls the shots in this house. If it's nap time, it. is. nap. time. And if this girl wants to be held while you are trying to do things around the house, by golly she will be held. There were so many things husband and I said we would and wouldn't do as parents. And although we have some that were a priority to keep (raising a daughter to know the Lord, respect herself, her parents, and those around her, etc) there have been others that we have tweaked because Greer is who she is, and sometimes she is just plain feisty. You never really know how you'll handle something until you're in the middle of it, and that goes without saying with baby too. I'd say we're doing alright though.

Greer truly has the sweetest disposition. She is such a good baby, although I am biased, she really is. We couldn't have asked for gentler, cuter, lovelier, smilier baby. She has given us a whole new perspective on life and this world. She's gifted us with the return or our innocence and the childhood excitement we once knew. Being parents is everything and nothing like we imagined. There is a whole new love that hurts to your core some days, there is an anxiety and fear you've never known, there is tangible joy that doesn't quit, and sometimes there are tears that you just can't explain because you're day has been so good or so bad. In it all, Greer makes everything worth it. Her happiness is contagious, and she'll crack a smile on your face faster than you can blink. She has a way of drawing out your silliness and your laughter. It's infectious, she's infectious. 

These 39 weeks have come and gone, oh so quickly. Faster than the weeks I carried her. I love watching her discover the world and learn all things new. She is golden, and I'm so very glad she's mine. May the next 39 weeks not go by quite so fast.

Oh baby, look at that difference! Here is the last bumpdate I did before little bit was born.