Sunday Check-In

September 11, 2016

Happy Sunday! I'm jumping on here to break the blog silence from last week and to wish you a restful and relaxing day. I've got the windows open with a cool breeze blowing through, a sleeping babe in her nursery, a stack of my favorite magazines sitting next to me, and a PSL on the coffee table to my right.

Husband and I have been up to our eyeballs in home renovations this week. That sweet man of mine is staining our sanded floors as I type. I'm so thankful for his dedication to getting our home finished so that next Sunday morning we'll be waking up in our new home! In addition to the floors, there has been lots of painting. From cabinets to benches. And there's more painting to-dos still on my lists. Including shiplap! Eek!!

This last week I decided to give the instant PSL a try. I didn't love it, but it wasn't horrible either. It's a good substitute for those mornings when driving through Starbucks just isn't in the cards. I love giving new things a try in hopes that I find something that beats my expectations.

Speaking of trying new things, I tried three new crock-pot meals last weekend. They were a great way to get dinner on the table and spend no time making dinner while we renovate. You can find them here on my new Pinterest Board for Crock Pot meals. They were winners, and dishes I'll definitely be making again!

Now let's talk about this heatwave Virginia has been experiencing. Go away 90° days!  It's September, which means all things fall should be in full swing, most certainly including cool weather. At least I've got fall candles to burn, PSLs to sip, fall baby outfits to order, and a pile of perfect pumpkins to oggle at every time I go to the grocery store. I resisted to urge to buy a cart full. Bless. These pumpkins are my very favorite, from the blue to the flat pancake-like shapes. I love the eccentric pumpkins and gourds best of all.

Last Saturday I shared this photo on my IG and asked where you thought I would be using these two paint colors. For those of you that said kitchen cabinets, you are correct! Yes two colors for kitchen cabinets. I can't wait to share the reveal!

Last, but not least, you all have been keeping us busy making candles. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It means the world to me to have so many of you supporting my small business, and it makes my heart terribly happy to hear all of your feedback. I wanted to share how I cut my wood wicks with you, because your average scissors just won't cut it (pun intended). For a clean and easy cut I use these Pewter Wick Trimmers. Plus, they're a beatiful home décor piece for you coffee table. The angle on these scissors makes all the difference; they can also be used on other wicks (not just wood wicks) too.

You can find them here: Wickman Original Pewter Wick Trimmer

Now I'm off to read my magazines and enjoy the quiet before little bit wakes up. Cheers to a sweet Sunday, lovelies! xo

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