A Smokin' Saturday

February 22, 2016

Saturday teased us with the warmth of spring. It was a mild and sunny day with temperatures in the upper 50's, and it was beautiful. After two weeks of two big snow storms, I relished in the spring-like weather. And because it was so lovey, husband finally got to pull the smoker out and smoke a Boston butt. He's only been waiting since Christmas day to use it (it was my gift to him). It couldn't have been a more perfect day for it. The aroma of the smoking meat, the windows cracked, and the sunshine casting rays all over made me long for the spring time. T-minus 26 days, friends!!

We kicked our morning off with Chick-fil-A iced coffees, a stop in Home Depot for pavers (to go under the smoker) and succulents to finish the details in Greer's nursery, meat and smoker prep, and cuddles while watching Parenthood. The afternoon involved some much needed picking up while our bitty girl napped, but once she was up we spent a good chunk of time cooing and making faces at her to get some of the brightest smiles. So  here are some photos from our laid back, family Saturday if you will...

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