Greer Girl || 2 Months

February 24, 2016

T W O    M O N T H S

These first two months of Greer's life have been incredibly sweet. Husband and I have loved to watch our girl grow and respond to the world around her. She is our miracle for certain, and every day we find ourselves in awe of the tiny human God so graciously gave us. 

She has changed by leaps and bounds in the last month. Her smiles are brighter and so very contagious. Her cheeks are plump, and no double chin or thigh roll has ever looked cuter. She's even cooing and "talking" up a storm. Greer is really starting to take in what's happening around her, and she's making her mama and daddy fall even more in love with her. 

Greer has continued to be a wonderful baby, hardly crying, sleeping well (even when she refuses a nap on occasion), and loving her interaction with others. She has become so aware, making her time awake all the sweeter. She has the biggest and happiest smile, which makes her daddy and I beam. We've found we'll do anything (bring on the silly faces and noises) to invoke one of her toothless grins. And she's growing like a weed!

G R E E R   @   2   M O N T H S 

weight: 12 lbs 6 oz  ||  (85th percentile) 
birth: 7 lbs 3 oz

height: 24.1"  ||  (96th percentile)
birth: 20 1/2"

head: 15.5"  ||  (65th percentile)
birth: need to find that out


Greer is still a great eater! She has her schedule down and will insist on being fed every 2 hours during the day. Sometimes she allows for 2.5 or 3 hours if continuing a nap is more important. At night, she is making much longer stretches, her longest being 7 hours. Mostly, she sticks to 4 hours between night feedings, which is manageable and gives us a little more shut eye. The older she gets, the more spaced out all of these feedings will become.

We're in a good routine of burping mid-meal, and although she may not always be happy to take this break, she goes along, gives a good burp, and then continues feeding. It has worked really great to keep that pattern going, relieving any air bubbles she may get while nursing.

The two of us have truly settled into this whole breastfeeding arrangement, and it feels amazing to be hitting our stride. I feel very thankful that breastfeeding has gone so well and that Greer is growing and thriving from the milk she is getting. It does a mama heart good to know I can supply what my baby needs. 


Our sweet girl is now sleeping away the nights and (a handful of) her daytime naps in her crib! This is huge for us! The first time we attempted the crib, she was not having it, making it only 30 minutes before insisting to be elsewhere. I think it was simply because she just wasn't ready.

On a whim on February 9, I put her down in her crib for a nap, and it took. The second nap of the day was also successful in her crib, so we tried it for bedtime. Low and behold our girl slept soundly throughout the night in her crib for the first time, and that's where she has been sleeping ever since! We think Greer was ready for the transition largely because she outgrew the bassinet feature in her pack n' play. She wakes 2-3 times a night for feedings and will grunt every now and then trying to settle herself, but overall she is a sound sleeper in her nursery. We're thankful she likes being in her crib because she sleeps so much better in it!

As she and I try to find a daytime schedule, it's become apparent that after her morning feeding (anywhere from 6:00-7:00) she'll give us her best smiles, some interaction, and then she'll catnap until she's hungry again. By this time it's around 9:00, and after this nursing session is her best nap time. If we miss it the day can be a bit off, but if she can get in a good snooze she has such a good day. Her afternoon naps are a little more ebb and flow. She'll typically fall asleep again after her lunch feeding, and then she may or may not nap again after 3:00. We are striving to make her bedtime routine consistent, starting around 7:30. While we don't always make it stick, we're trying!

D E V E L O P M E N T   /   P L A Y

We still aren't into the playing phase just yet, but her interaction with us has definitely become more of a thing. She responds to her daddy and I with smiles, and even at times a frown. It's the cutest furrowed brow and pouty lip you've ever seen.

She loves kicking her legs and moving her arms all around while laying flat. And she just adores looking at our ceiling fans. She coos and almost laughs at them. It's the sweetest. Her daddy will make lots of noises with her, which induces "conversation" between the two. The more you talk to her, the more she responds. She is really starting to love being engaged by others.

I think in this new month she'll find more interest in toys, especially when she learns to grab and hold onto things. 

  • She loves high pitched songs. And if you sing to her, she prefers "Hallelujah" and "You're Beautiful" by Phil Whickam (specifically sung by her daddy).
  • Her nails grow so quickly, and we have to be careful to keep them trimmed. She is a wild woman with her hands and all too often she is scratching her face.
  • She is really starting to enjoy bath time.
  • Our big girl is in size 2 diapers now.
  • Her great grandmom finished crocheting a baby blanket for her, just like she did for me as a baby. A very special keepsake this mama is going to cherish.
  • The hair she lost on top of her head in month one has now all grown back. She is now starting to lose her newborn hair around the sides of her head.
  • She celebrated her first Valentine's Day. Her daddy got her a stuffed rhino for her nursery wall and the sweet card. They'll always be each other's special Valentine.
  • Greer helped celebrate her mama's 26th birthday, her Uncle Cary's birthday, and her twin cousins' birthdays. So many birthdays! 
  • Greer was never a tummy sleeper. But, lately she prefers to fall asleep tummy to tummy on mama, and I am soaking it up because she'll change that preference before I know it. 
  • She rarely falls asleep in the car now. Luckily, she's still content in her carseat.
  • When meeting new people or seeing someone she hasn't seen in awhile, she won't make eye contact right away. Instead she looks all around that person until she's comfortable to look at their face.
  • She finally likes being in the Solly Wrap, but only for napping. She's too curious and wants to look around while awake to be strapped down on my chest.
  • Her Sidda (my mom's grandmother name) got Greer her first teddy bear.
  • She has had several dining out experiences, which have all gone great. 
  • She sleeps really quite well when there is a lot of background noise.
  • The Zantac has been helping her acid reflux, and we're thankful for that.
  • She got her two month shots and it broke her mama's heart, but she was a champ through it.
  • She has had two more big snow storms since her first in month one.
  • Greer is in 6-9 month one-piece jammies or rompers. Girlfriend is so long that she doesn't fit in anything smaller. If it's a two piece ensemble then she still fits in 3-6 months.
  • We caved and used the NoseFrida on her. Well worth the weirdness. 
  • She has filled out quite a bit and is gaining those sweet, baby thigh rolls and chubby cheeks. I could eat her up!

T W O   M O N T H S   P H O T O   C O L L E C T I O N

For many more photos of my girl and all her grins, check out my Instagram!

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