TFF + The Pick No. 7

February 19, 2016

Every. single. Friday. I could tell you just how fast the week has gone and that I don't know how another Friday has arrived. The same goes for this one too. I'm always wondering where the week went, what happened to it, and how I can slow the time right on down. This week was quick, and probably so because of the three day weekend. I'm all for a four-day work week. The more time I can have with my sweet little family the better.

This weekend marks Greer turning two months old. Whoah, what?! I feel like I was just bringing her home from the hospital. Looking at her newborn photos and then looking at the baby in my arm shows just how much time has passed since she was born. It's unbelievable. One thing is for certain, I can't get enough of her. From those chubby cheeks to her tiny toes I am head over heels for my sweet girl. You can imagine there will be lots of weekend snuggles going on in our home!

T H I N K I N G  > About how darn nice it is to live close to family. Sometimes I think I take it for granted, and I need to be more aware of how lucky we are to have such a sweet convenience. 

P O N D E R I N G > When this postpartum hair loss will stop. Hopefully before I'm bald!

N E E D I N G > To get organized! Have any good tips on getting and staying organized?? And can someone please come do my laundry and put it away? I'm drowning in it!

L I S T E N I N G > To silence. Everyone in my house is sound asleep and besides the tap, tap, tap of the keyboard and the hum of the baby monitor, it's just plain quiet.

D R E A M I N G > Of the 60° weather that is gracing Virginia this weekend. After two large snowfalls in two weeks I'm over the winter, over the snow, and ready for warmer weather!

S W O O N I N G > Over the newborn photos that came in last night!! Yay for hanging them!

Happy a super fabulous weekend, friends! Catch me #weekending on Instagram! xo

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