4 Years

September 15, 2015

It's been four years since that sweet husband of mine and I started dating. And even in marriage we have promised to keep dating and pursuing one another, which is why we're celebrating our date-iversary today! 

In every way I can believe that it's been four sweet years together for husband and I. On the same note, I can't believe it's been four sweet years together. Time is fleeting and oh so precious; with every passing year I learn that in new ways and strive to make the most of our moments. Life with this guy has been one of my biggest blessings. I've grown immeasurably with him, matured, stumbled, succeeded, accomplished, and fallen more in love. 

We have come so far, experienced so much, and have so many more adventures to go on. From the moment I met husband, I knew I'd met my person. Life with him is the bee's knees and I wouldn't trade it for anything....not even a lifetime supply of Starbucks ;) This date-iversary marks the last as just the two of us, and we can't wait to welcome our sweet baby girl into all the fun! 

Husband, thank you for loving me for me, for embracing my quirks and celebrating them, for challenging me to be my best, encouraging my relationship with the Lord, and for always giving me butterflies and a reason to smile. You're my favorite. 

Just so happens that we were on our way to apple picking at this time last year. And so it looks like we've created a new photo tradition for all future date-iversaries. Next year, we'll squeeze baby girl in the middle...now to find her a Starbucks baby bottle before then!