Hour By Hour Weekend [September]

September 14, 2015

Weekends always go by too quickly. It's just the way it is, and after all these years I still don't accept it. A normal weekend after a three day weekend is just hard to cope with. Alas, it was still a weekend full of greatness....like a movie on the lawn, apple picking, shopping/browsing, and the start of House Group. Even though it felt faster than I'd like, I can't complain our time over the last two days. I captured what I could remember to for this month's Hour By Hour Weekend! 

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8:00 >> We headed over to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's for a final movie on the lawn  to close out summer and usher in the fall weather. The four of us made homemade milkshakes and slushes to slurp while munching on muddy buddies. 

9:30 >> Of course, the movie of choice was Father of the Bride. At least, Amy and I thought it was good choice. Truth be told our guys liked it too. Good thing because there's a Father of the Bride II, which needs to be seen as well :) Hands down this is one of my faves.

11:00 >> The movie wrapped up, we talked for a bit, and then husband and I headed home to catch some zzz's before kicking off our adventurous Saturday!


8:30 >> Saturday morning came early. And with the cold front that had settled through our area during the night, it was a chilly morning. With cold breezes wafting through our bedroom windows, I wanted to snuggle rather than creep out of bed and ready for the day. But, apple picking has an allure all of it's own, and I eventually got up.

9:45 >> We made our road trip necessity stop. And that line was long! But, what do you expect on a college football game day when the home team is playing at home??

10:20 >> We were on our way and happy as clams!

11:30 >> We were going over the mountain and into Charlottesville.

12:18 >> We arrived to our apple picking destination!

1:30 >> We picked apples and browsed through their little country store for a little over an hour. Once we had our fill, and 25 gigantic apples, we drove into Charlottesville to grab lunch with husband's mom. 

2:00 >> We grabbed a late lunch at Lime Leaf, a little Thai restaurant. Their beef fried rice was the best I've had. I'm sure whenever we're in the area again, this spot will be at the top of our list for places to grab a bite. 

3:00 >> After lunch, husband and I went on a little shopping/browsing adventure. Our first stop was at Home Goods, where we found the perfect maroon patterned blanket for baby girl's nursery!
3:40 >> We found ourselves in Pottery Barn. And oh how I would love to buy everything in there! That store has my name all over it. The price, not so much. 

4:00 >> I fell in love with copper all over again at Williams-Sonoma.

5:00 >> And lastly, you can't go to Charlottesville without stopping at World Market. We spent a good chunk of time there, browsing and making some fun purchases! 

6:00 >> We were on the road and headed home. Earlier in the day, we picked up apple cider donuts for the ride home, and they were such a nice treat to enjoy, especially since I had forgotten all about them!

7:45 >> Our exit for home.

8:30 >> Since we had eaten a late/bigger lunch, dinner wasn't really a thing. Instead, I opted for my very favorite cereal this time of year :) 

9:30 >> A little Gilmore Girls to round out the evening. 

11:00 >> Lights out and bedtime. (This candle is one of my very favorites and reminds me of the fall that husband and I were engaged. He had gotten me this candle, the Mexican Pumpkin scent from World Market, as a random gift. Its smell takes me back to that season of life every time.)


8:20 >> Up and it was feeling like fall for sure!! The high for the day was 64° and yesterday morning started out at 54°. That made for a very chilly start to the day, especially with our bedroom windows open. Isn't that the best though?!

9:30 >> Out the door and on our way to church (because we can never manage to leave for church on time).

10:00 >> Our new sermon series at church is the Book of Genesis. We just started two weeks ago, and I love taking a new look into Scripture. There's always something more to learn.

11:00 >> We made a pit stop by Old Navy to find some tops that would work for this growing baby belly. That was then followed by a quick swing through Home Depot.

12:30 >> We ate a quick and healthy lunch.

1:20 >> We snuggled up on the couch to make a grocery list. That turned into a two hour nap for me and three hour nap for husband. We must have been tired, or just super cozy from being cuddled up under the covers while the chilly, fall breeze drifted through our windows.

3:30 >> While I let husband snooze a bit longer, I looked through Pinterest and my Instagram.

5:45 >> We made our way to House Group. And let me tell you that you can't have a Bible study without snacks. We always alternate who is bringing the goods each week, and this time Callie brought a super delicious apple bread!

7:00 >> As a group, we decided to go through the book, God Space to kick off the start to House Group this semester. So far, I really love what it's got to say, and if you're curious about how to share the Gospel in a natural way, then pick a copy up!

8:00 >> We were out of House Group and at the grocery store. Call us crazy.

9:00 >> We were making and eating dinner. Sundays can be so strange time-wise, so we usally end up eating dinner either super early or super late. In this case it was super late thanks to our afternoon nap extravaganza.

10:00 >> Eating Halloween oreos (or rather just the half of the cookie with the cream on it) and blogging!

I hope your weekend was lovely!

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